Slimane: We always fought hard


France coach Belmadi Slimane said that they had a great tournament as they always fought hard in the 2017 FIVB Volleyball Boys' U19 World Championship

Riffa, Bahrain, August 27, 2017 – France coach Belmadi Slimane was proud of his team’s fifth place finish and said that it is because they always fought hard in the 2017 FIVB Volleyball Boys’ U19 World Championship.

France coach Belmadi Slimane: I am satisfied with fifth place finish. It is a very good result for our team, but we must always keep in mind that this is not enough. It was a good competition because we never lost by a big difference. It was always small and we won with a big difference. We never gave away a match. We always fought hard, so it was a good tournament for us.

It is difficult to tell if we could have done better than top five. All the teams in the top eight are very good. We can hope for a good future for this generation if we work a lot and if we work hard.

We lost to Russia by two points and we lost against Japan by two points. With a little bit of luck, we could be in the final or playing for a bronze medal. We must work hard and we must make the difference of those two points.

France captain Lucas Soldner:
Our loss in the quarterfinal is still in our heads, but to finish with a victory and be in the top five in a world competition is very good. We are very satisfied.

We now go back to France and continue to play the whole year together. In the future, it is the goal of every single player on this team to play on the men’s national team. We would all like to be in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

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Egypt coach Nehad Shehata: I am very happy because we got more than our target in this competition. I succeeded in building a good, strong team with many potential players for the future. I will always remember this tournament. It was wonderful. Thank you to those who organised this competition, and to those who helped us come here and achieve our goals.

Egypt captain George Bakhit:
It was a very good match. France were a very hard team to play against. I thank my team-mates for this tournament. We finished in sixth place.


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