The 14th edition of the FIVB Volleyball Boys’ U19 World Championship will be held in Bahrain.

It will be the third time the competition will feature 20 teams after the tournament was expanded in 2013. All previous editions featured 16 teams only.

The competition will run over nine days with one rest day.

The 20 teams will be divided into four pools of five teams each and will play a round-robin tournament. The bottom-ranked team of each pool will play classification matches for 17th-20th place in a round-robin system.

The other 16 teams progress to the Eight Finals which consists of a playoff (first of Pool A against fourth of Pool B etc). The winners of the playoff matches will advance to the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals to be classified from first to eighth while the losers of playoff match will play classification matches, with a similar quarterfinals, semifinals and finals system, to be classified from ninth to 16th.


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