Korea captain Choi: We worked as a team


Riffa, Bahrain, August 18, 2017 - Korea survived the challenge of minimal preparation and recovery to win in straight sets against Chile in the FIVB Volleyball Boys’ U19 World Championship at the Isa City Sports Hall on Friday

Korea coach Wongil Park
: It was difficult for us to deal with the time difference and the travel, that we did not have enough time to rest. But we are really glad to win today. We will then have to face the other teams and for sure, it will be tough.

Korea captain Ikje Choi
: I want to thank all of my teammates for today’s win. Everyone gathered and worked together as a team.

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Chile coach Ivan Villareal: For our country, it is very important to compete in this tournament. It is a big honour. We have strong teams in our continent, and it is important to improve our skill in the competition. We want to raise our level of the national team. Today’s performance, I have to say, was not good. But I hope, we can play better in the next match

Chile captain Joaquin Leon
: We were nervous so it was a difficult match for us. Korea is such a strong team, but we have many things to learn from this match


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