I hope we can play better each day - Hizal


Riffa, Bahrain, August 19, 2017 - Turkey picked up their first win on Saturday in the 2017 FIVB Volleyball Boy’s U19 World Championship with a 3-0 match against Chile, but the European side is still searching for more ways to improve their level of play.

Turkey coach Umit Hizal: After our loss in the first match of this championship, we had a long discussion. My players learned from the match we lost. I think now, they know better on what to do in specific situations, and I hope we can just play better and better each day.

Turkey captain Adis Lagumdzija: Our first match in the competition was catastrophic, we played really bad, like never before. Today, we played a bit better, but there are still a lot of things to improve on. We hope to be able to perform better in the coming matches.

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Chile coach Ivan Villareal
: This experience is useful for us to improve. We just have to keep learning in this World Championship, as this is a big experience for our players. If we want to improve our level of play then we have to expose ourselves to play against difficult opponents.

Chile captain Joaquin Leon: This is a difficult match. Turkey is a difficult opponent and I think we played so bad today. We were nervous. It will be a hard competition, but for sure, we want to fight and play better.


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